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Is this a demo? And if there is a standalone version why there is no download button on the page?


This is not a demo, as for the standalone version it was hidden accidentally. Please play it :)

Thanks, I will! :)


Heyo! I made a YouTube video on this short game. I quite enjoyed this game, and the art stlye and music is very exquiste.


Thank you very much for your comment!


Awesome stuff. Part of me wanted to light up everything and the other part was too relaxed to care. I could sleep to this, easy.
It really is better to download it and play it rather than in-browser, just for frame rate.

What do you think of the idea of a completionist exploration version of this game?  Imagine the world starts grey and you can light everything up in free roam.

I'm for it.

Omg, I thought this was really neat. Very well produced, great atmosphere and the graphics are great. I have plans to turn this into an 8 hour screensaver and i'll kepp you posted.


One of the best short games I've ever played. One small concept but done right, if I could rate more than 5 stars I would